The Qualifications of a Cocoa Beach Resident

The Qualifications of a Cocoa Beach Resident

So You Want to be a Cocoa Beach Resident? Having lived in Brevard County Florida my whole life I don’t blame you. There are some skills you may need to acquire or brush up on.

Get Ready: For A Relaxed Lifestyle

Life moves at a slower pace here on the beach. Look forward to strolling for miles and miles along the sand. In the morning the sun rises over the Ocean with lots of ooo’s and aww’s similar to a firework display. In the evening the sun sets over the river are the finale’ to Mother’s Natures Daily light show. There’s always someone for a game of golf at the city golf course which runs along the river. There is an olympic sized community pool, several tennis courts plus racquetball courts.You can even find yoga on the beach. There is always something to do but often you will find Cocoa Beach Residents sitting in a lounge chair reading a book.


Get Ready: To Enjoy Sunshine and Warm Weather

As a Cocoa Beach Resident you must love sunshine, it happens 365 days of the year! Even on rainy days the sun manages to peek through the clouds. During the hot summer months embrace the warmth by hanging at the beach or sitting by the pool. Many Cocoa Beach Residents are lucky enough to have a pool in their backyard or most have a friend with a pool. Everyone new to the area comments on how friendly people are. Sun makes people more relaxed and happy in my opinion.



Get Ready: For Rocket Launches

A boom that sounds like a tree hit your house means you just overslept a rocket launch. Trust me, you will get used to the windows & chandelier shaking. Cocoa Beach Residents love the fact that we get to enjoy history in the making. From your front yard, backyard, the beach or standing in the parking lot at work you will love watching live rocket launches. It’s something you will never get tired of. And, be prepared to have at least one friend if not several who are rocket scientists. It’s a way of life here on the Space Coast.  It sounds like you are ready to be a Cocoa Beach Resident. Now it’s time to find the perfect home, give me a call Barbara Zorn (321)537-6262 or click here to explore what’s available in Cocoa Beach.

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