The Seasons Of Cocoa Beach

the seasons of cocoa beach fl

Cocoa Beaches Four Seasons

Many people move to the beach because they want to get away from freezing cold temperatures. It is true that the town has a much more temperate climate than the Northern beaches, but this does not mean that it stays the same all year long.

In addition to shifting temperatures and humidity, the seasons also greatly affect the feel of Cocoa Beach. Some parts of the year are filled with plenty of tourists while other seasons are just appreciated by the locals. Keep reading to find out how the town changes with the seasons and how it affects Cocoa Beach real estate.Spring

Spring is a truly beautiful time in the city. Temperature highs are typically between 73 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is normally around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is some cloud cover, but most days are clear and sunny. Thanks to the warm weather and lack of humidity, spring in the area is the perfect time for outdoor activities.

Many people find that it is the most enjoyable season for biking, hiking, and other physically demanding past times. March is actually the busiest time of the year for tourists.

Inland Florida residents like to visit the town for a little vacation before it gets too hot. Plenty of college students also show up during March and April for spring break vacations.

However, this region is not really a party area like Daytona or South Beach, so the spring break crowd still stays relatively tame. You will typically just notice that there are more live music events and restaurant specials during this time of year.


The summer weather along the beach is hot and humid. It rains regularly, but rain typically comes in the form of a short shower that is over quickly. With average temperatures ranging between 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 88 degrees Fahrenheit, it can take time to get used to the heat of the Florida coast.

However, a great benefit of living right by the ocean is that all those ocean breezes keep the island far cooler than inland cities. Summer in Cocoa Beach is when the town truly comes alive.

Though there might not be a huge spike of tourists like you encounter during spring break, the number of out-of-town visitors remains steadily high throughout the summer months.

During this time of year, you can find something to do on any day of the week. There are plenty of entertainment events, summer programs for children, and waterside sports.


When residents think of the perfect beach weather, they are typically imagining a day in the fall. As the rains of spring and summer clear up, you are left with long, sunny days.

There are just enough breezes to cool you down, and the light chill in the air helps you to stay comfortable when exercising outside. Water temperatures will remain warm through the first few cold fronts, so you can swim even when it is a little chilly outside.

Once school starts up again, the town starts to calm down a little. There may be less big, flashy entertainment opportunities, but many residents take the opportunity to plan little community events.

During mid October is a favorite time of the year for many people living on the beach. The town is very quiet and peaceful, and the weather is absolutely lovely.


The winter months are lightly cool and windy with an occasional drizzle of snow. On average, highs are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and lows are around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

This might not seem terribly cold to those out of state, but once you get used to the sunny warmth of the Florida coast, even 60 degrees may be enough to have you reaching for a sweater!

Even on the coldest days, you never have to worry about snow. Since it does not start to get truly cold until January, celebrating the winter holidays at the beach is a fun and unique experience.

The water remains above freezing, so people can participate in Christmas parades from their boats. The iconic Cocoa Beach Pier puts on plenty of fun events to ring in the new year.

There are some tourists for these events, but once the main winter holidays are over, the town gets much quieter. However, unlike some other beach towns, the city is not deserted even during the off season.

With plenty of locals living there, all the restaurants and shops remain open.

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